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Combining my creativity and training with your vision, and locally sourced fresh ingredients, is where I strive to infuse the important elements to make your next gathering or event as special as it can be!

Everything that we create is handcrafted and scratch-made in small batches. You can taste the love for what we do, attention to detail, and nuances of professional training, in every bite that you take.

Whether it is a surprise thank you baker's dozen for a client, a six tier wedding cake for the most magical day of your life, or that celebratory birthday cake decorated with your child's favorite superhero - please reach out and tell me how I can make your vision come to life in the tastiest of ways!

I look forward to working together on your next adventure.

Catering Events & Gatherings

Whether it be a professional meeting, social gathering, or a celebratory event that you want to remember for the rest of your life - there is always a place for pastries! 

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Personal Orders

Looking to send some treats to a client, make dessert at home a little more exciting this week, or get that birthday cake for next month checked off the list?

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to find out more!

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