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Birthday Cake

Every Child Deserves a Birthday Cake!

We firmly believe that EVERY CHILD deserves a birthday celebration that makes them feel special.

A big part of this is, of course, the cake!

Greetings Lydia Place Residents 

We also understand that not everyone is in a position to buy a fancy birthday cake, or even necessarily in a place to make one.

We cannot single-handedly make birthday cakes for every child in need worldwide, or even in Bellingham. However, we believe that the Lydia Place residents are a great place to start!

Crown Cake
Kids Celebrating Birthday

Unforgettable Lessons from a Humble Childhood

I grew up with a single mother who faced unimaginable circumstances during my childhood.

She did her best with what she had, but my brother and I missed out on important childhood memories. Back then, I didn't grasp the concepts of time, money, and resources. All I knew was that I lacked birthday celebrations, new clothes, and toys – a bit disappointing. Life happens that way sometimes. Now, I realize I had all I needed.

Surprisingly, it was quite remarkable given the circumstances.

As adults, we strive to provide children with the fulfilling childhood they deserve, setting them on the path to happy, healthy adulthood. It's a collective effort – a village of support.

This is our purpose.

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Lydia Place Birthday Cake Donation Form

So please - fill out the form below and submit it for a special bakery birthday cake for your child's important day and we will do the rest!

I look forward to baking for you and your little one and hope that this small contribution plays a part in happy memories being made together for you and your family!

All information submitted here will be kept private/confidential between myself and your case worker. Please make sure that you have signed a Release of Information with your Case Manager giving permission for Lydia Place to confirm you are a resident.

What Flavor of Cake Would Your Child Like?
Does it need to be Vegan or Gluten Free? (Select All That Apply)
Pickup Assistance/Delivery

Thanks for submitting!

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